Graduate school failed you.

Yup. I said it!

In so many ways, graduate schools don’t prepare us for life after school. At the very most, I’m guessing that your graduate school provided one class related to business building. Many people don’t even get that. Then, on top of that, we get socialized into the profession by learning that we should work for free and sacrifice our personal lives and balance to relentlessly pursue training opportunities and academic excellence.

And graduate programs certainly don’t foster entrepreneurship; you need to learn how to operate within their specific rules and boundaries. I’ve heard horror stories from trainees and post-docs. They started off with big dreams and ambitious goals for themselves. Then they were told explicitly and implicitly that those aspirations were unrealistic and impossible.

All of your educational and training experiences have led you to believe that there are a finite number of ways to be a psychologist or a therapist. That being a mental health professional means you have to grin and bear it. School, work, clients– they all come first. Life comes last.

I’m here to say that’s BS. 

It is 100%  possible to create a passion-driven business that fits the lifestyle you want. I did it. I’ve helped others do it. And you can do it, too!

services to fit your specific needs

The Problem Solver

A 45-minute consultation, targeted to solve a specific struggle in your business.

The Level Up

Five 45-minute consultation sessions to take you to the next level of your business.

The Whole Enchilada

An individualized road map to take you from just an idea to fully-functioning business.

The Brain Picker

A 30-minute consultation for all your unrelated business building questions.

Psych Testing Consultation

Whether you're new to testing, haven't tested in awhile, or have a tough case.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultation

Working with autistic teens and adults requires special training and consultation.

Why work with me?

Proven Track Record

I've developed and launched successful programs for other businesses prior to coaching other clinicians.

Professional Experience

I was an esteemed administrator, supervisor, and mentor prior to starting coaching.

Out of the Box Thinking

I think creatively and beyond the status quo to help people create the business right for their life.

Dr. Crystal I. Lee- The Clinician Coach

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